NOREC 9mm compensator 14×1

NOREC 9mm compensator 14×1

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SCHMEISSER NOREC 9mm compensator 14×1

  • The extremely effective Schmeisser NOREC multi-chamber compensator is IPSC-compatible and also approved in the standard class
  • The Schmeisser NOREC® compensator has vertical impact areas and 2 holes at an angle of 45° left and right sight
  • It was designed to reduce the recoil as well as the muzzle rise to a maximum
  • This ensures a fast and accurate shot sequence, because the rifle does not move away from the target during the shot
  • There is no other compensator on the market that reaches a comparable reduction of recoil and muzzle rise with this small size and weight
  • The steel compensator is practically indestroyable by heat, wear and corrosion
  • It can be mounted with standard AR15 tools
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